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The realisation of SEAsia Economic Community (AEC) has thrown open a significant opportunity for security systems integration business — be it Homeland or IT security. Systems integrators (SI) in the region are now looking to expand their business beyond their native markets to other countries within this region.

AEC is a major milestone for regional economic integration with opportunity of US$ 2.5 trillion market size with over 600 million population. AEC is seeking to position itself as a competitive alternative against the mights of China/India and build consensus within SEAsia to effectively become a single market place. More business activity means an increase in security system demand.

More importantly, these countries are increasingly aware and concerned about security, as issues such as terrorism pose significant threats. The risk of terrorist attack has led to an increase in aviation security spending. The illegal arms and drug trafficking and immigration has led to heightened border and seaport security and has increased the demand for explosive detection systems, body scanners and baggage screening systems.

The threat of a cyber attack disrupting public and private network and infrastructure has driven the cyber security spending across the past decade. The need for effective identification and security checking and the need to provide access control to critical infrastructure have led to the adaptation biometric and other identification technologies.

As member countries in the SEAsia region, they have the advantage of opting for the latest offerings from the security industry. Therefore, it pays to be a part of this SEAsia growth story.

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