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Homeland Security Track

Securing the homeland against a hostile environment involves proper management of borders, which is vital to the national security. This also presents many challenges and includes coordination and concerted action by the administrative, diplomatic, security, intelligence, legal, regulatory and economic agencies of the country.

Security agencies all over the world have been exploring the deployment of technologies/solutions for improved border surveillance with a view to reduce/eliminate incidents of infiltration, smuggling or other illegal cross border activities especially in challenging pores border areas.

While traditional alarm systems, motion detectors and physical barriers continue to play a role in perimeter detection, analytics and thermal imaging have changed the landscape of this security segment. The cost of analytics has declined, and the increased sophistication of the technology allows analytics to be used in place of fencing, other physical barriers, and traditional motion sensors for certain applications.

The day-long conference proposes to bring together experts from Government and the industry to discuss and debate issues for smart and effective Homeland Security management. The conference will dwell on:

• Challenges, threats and peculiarities of border management
• Emerging technologies for perimeter security
• Coastal & maritime security
• Modernisation of Policing agencies
• Role of UAVs and drones
• Infrastructure for border communities

This event features a comprehensive program covering key topics, to provide the security expertise and knowledge that one needs to succeed in today's sensitive environment. The focus of the conference will be on real-world solutions that fit into your business plan, and help the delegates and attendees alike to deal with increasing threats, compliance and regulatory issues, among others.

Whom Can You Meet At The Conference?
• Senior Officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs
• Seniors Officials from Ministry of Defence
• Senior Officials from Ministry of External Affairs
• State Marine Police
• Global & Domestic Industry players
• Border Communities
• Other Stakeholders

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